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1. Jail For The Whole Family

A contingent of 60 policemen stormed peace of Bitkov Family, the reason was the apprehention of a father, mother, a daughter and a baby.

It was 6 am on January 15th, 2015 I was dressing Vladimir who had just turned 3 years old. At this time many armed agents came at my home and I have stated that it was a search warranted to investigate our house.

The crowd of police and prosecutors around the house probably 70 people with 15 trucks filled the street.

I asked what was the problema to go through all this?

They did not answer me anything …

To clarify everything, I immediately gave them all the documents and money I had, and tried to ask for explanations, but nobody wanted to talk to us. They forbade us to leave a room and did a search destroying many things. We spent almost 24 hours locked in our hous without even permission to call anyone …

Allanamiento Bitkovs

The raid at the Bitkov house lasted for 24 hours, and they were forced to remain locked in a room behind closed doors without being able to call a lawyer, drink water or go to the bathroom.

They found nothing. They took all the jewels and money. They left only some of the jewels, two parts, one part abducted and another left at home.

They announced us that the whole family was being captured and lead to the courts tower. They did not say what they were planning to do with our little son Vladimir yet. They also announced that our house will be sealed and they will investigate further.

Neither Vladimir or Verónica (babysitter of our son) were allowed to be in the house. I can tell right now that the investigation of our house lasted for one year. during this year everything was stolen from the house. There is evidence that says that poilice themselves had to take care of it. While all this was going our daughter Anastasia suffered a panic attack because of her illness. “Bipolar Disorder” they did not want to allow  us to call the doctor, or lawyer.

When we were taken to the Tower of courts, they put us in the crowded carceletas. It was 7 in the morning we did not sleep more than 24 hours, because there was no room is carceletas or place to sit or to lie down. We did not know what was wrong with our son. Later we learned that our friend Rolando Alvarado and Veronica, took him to the judge of the peace.

That evening Rolando came and told us that magistrate gave him and verónica the custody of our son to live in the house of Rolando. That news gave us great relief. But anastasia was in great danger of dying. She was banned from take her medications, and that caused her great suffering. No country in the world is allowed to put in jail people with this disease. At 2 pm we were taken to Judge Miguel Galvez.

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The Bitkovs did not know the reason why they raided their house, much less the reason for they were in prison at the tower of courts.

We had no idea, why our case was brought to the judge of the increased risk. But the most important thing was to save the life of Anastasia. We explained to the judge that she needed immediate medical help. It turned out that the judge had a heart. He was the only person who listened to us and ordered a medical examination by INACIF. The doctor gave the judge a conclusion which dictates that Anastasia had to be in the hospital, with her mother because she is in serious crisis. Judge Miguel Galvez ordered to transfer them immediately. We felt joy but it was too early. For four days the police refused to enforce the court order. We were all in carceletas.

The response abput why the order of the judge was not satisfied and why prosecutors and police acted with such brutality, came through our lawyer. According to his information the Russian government was behind it all.

They organized our capture, bribed officials and do their best to aggravate our situation. The ambassador and other officials of the Russian embassy were every day in courts tower promoting negative information about us. At the same time no one from the russian embassy visited us. To avoid compliance with the judge’s decision, the fourth day night, the police organized a show.

Igorbitkov facebook

At 10 pm a large crowd of police came. They took Irina  and Anastasia to the hospital and forced the director to allow that 15 guards  stayed in the hospital and 60 more outside! Of course the manager refused to these conditions. This excuse served them to carry Anastasia and Irina to carceletas again.

On the fifth day judge ran out of patience . he went down to the cellar and forced the pólice officers to fulfill his order. In one truck with two guards, Anastasia and Irina were taken to hospital without further obstacles. Anastasia’s state was so serious that her life was about to end.

juez galvez

The authorities of the prison system did not meet the order that ordered the Judge Miguel Galvez about the transfer of Irina Bitkova and Anastasia Bitkova to a hospital as recommended by INACIF, Which is why Judge Galvez intervened to fulfill the order issued 5 days ago.

I was in the carceletas nine days. It was hard. In the cement floor, sometimes there was no room for sleeping. It was always between 25 and 30 people in carceletas that has no more than 15m2. Almost always there was no water in the bathroom. horrible smell, thousands of cockroaches, dirt. To deal with this we made a chess and checkers cardboard with pizza box and played with it. We also made an athletic competition, who manages to make more spiteful, crunches and other exercises. Most of my companions in the carceletas were gang members who were captured for commiting the crimes extortions and murders I tried to talk to them to understand their motives. Why did they destroy the lives of many people even their own ..? It appeared that these young people did not have an adequate or intellectual or physical capacity, if all these young people had been busy studying, playing sports and other activities. Crime could be reduced significantly …

To be continued..

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