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2. First Declarations

Primera Declaración Caso Bitkovs

The Russian Embassy in Guatemala and the Russian bank “VTB Bank” used the Guatemalan justice system as a “weapon” to achieve their political ends AND GIVING FALSE INFORMATION to the authorities of the Public Ministry, CICIG and the media about the Bitkovs family. Which was our letter to Judge Miguel Galvez when he listened to us …

While in prison, I saw several curious situations, showing the inefficiency of the legal system of Guatemala.

They brought a mall guardian who shot a burglar. As it turns out, the thief was sent to the hospital andthe was guard captured and put in prison as other thieves, where his life was in danger. Another young man was captured, because his neighbor made a complaint three years ago. However, Prosecutor found that old complaint and obtained an arrest warrant for that man.

“In a country where the level of violence is one of the highest in the world, legal system can not act this way”

My first statement began on the eighth day. I had no doubt I would go free, of course after explaining everything to the judge when I entered the Increased Risk Room, I found another person in the lockup of the room. That happened to me, the prosecutors wanted me to be connected with the case of this young man, whom I saw for the first time. He was a young man who said he worked in RENAP and the reason for him to be there was because he had just sign a paper where he confirmed that received a password to access the electronic data system of RENAP.

“… When I entered the Increased Risk Room, I found another person in the lockup room whom I saw for the first time”

Someone entered the system using that password and got personal information of several people, including mine, to process new documents.

Prosecutors threw all the blame on the young man. Literally they used him as a “scapegoat”.

Depending on the version of prosecutors, with this young man, I prepared my documents within RENAP. I was  blamed for the crimes of using forged documents, usurpation and ideological usurpation of civil status. They did not show no proof, nor any paper, nothing.

“It seemed strange to me that among those who denounced me there was RENAP the same institution who issued the documents for me and family and then blamed us, that they were false” It should be the opposite!

But my biggest surprise was the presence of three lawyers from the Russian government bank VTB. That state bank is fully controlled by Russian President V.Putin. Precisely this bank was involved in the scam that made Putin government to steal our company. In short, they provoked the bankruptcy of our company when we were outside Russia. Using all state power, they sold our factories producing paper and pulp for its own officials, for a few cents. Now the bank’s lawyers spoke with Judge Miguel Galvez who opened the hearing with a requirement that the bank wanted to be added in the process against me, claiming that I have a “debt” to them.


Russian bank VTB was admitted as a complainant since they indicated that had evidence against Bitkovs … until the current date (more than one year) they have no evidence

Listening to the demands so heavy, judge accept the participation of the Russian bank, as a complementary prosecutor and gave the floor to prosecutors MP and CICIG. They prepared a scheme in which they put my picture in place with the heads of the assumed structure. The audience was full of surprises.

It appeared that I was not just a big offender of Russia, but also one of the heads of government criminal structure in Guatemala. They were trying to make me “the scapegoat” just like that young RENAP employee. It seemed that I was a good creature for the tax scammers and those above them, they wanted me to blame for all the crimes of high level officials of the government.

Prosecutors and CICIG MP used large and small lies, which were most important. They said for example, that I entered the country illegally and they found no record of my entry into the country. That was totally false. As later it was clarified, prosecutors wrote my name wrong when they checked the records. In my passport there was the entry stamp. There is no doubt that this mistake was prepared for cheating on me, a trap to give an important argument to the judge to imprison me and make me look as a criminal. In my life, it was the first time I saw myself faced with such blatant lies, so immense, so disproved. I thought that everything that happened was a big mistake, that without evidence, all charges were non sense and it will quickly become obvious.


IGOR BITKOV and his family spent 8 days in lockup without sleeping before they could make any statement.

When I was allowed to testify, I felt dizzy and weak because of not having enough time to sleep for many nights (8 sleepless nights before declaring) But I was thirsty for justice and for telling the truth in front of all false accusers, it gave me  pleasure. I started talking about the subject of the Russian bank. Explain that neither I nor my wife never had loans from that bank. It is very easy to prove that, just look at the documents the bank presented. I told the judge that we are politically persecuted by the dictatorship of V. Putin and that is the reason why, through law firm. “CUTINO INTERNATIONAL” we began the process in which we did receive citizenship in Guatemala, including changing names to save our lives from the most tremendous dictatorship in the world; but we did not hurt anyone, because we thought that everything was legal.

The Cutino international web page was deleted from Internet. But we have way to prove it was true by consulting the “Internet Archive” which is faced to archive pages that have disappeared as a historical source in which with a click on the image or the link. (here)

In Guatemala, our son Vladimir was born. At this time, he was alone and needed his mom and dad. Our daughter, has a serious illness and must be in the house. If we had been OFFENDERS IN RUSSIA, WHY INTERPOL DID NOT ACCEPT THE REQUEST FROM RUSSIA; To capture me? How can I be a member of an alleged criminal structure, if I never knew these people before? I never had any contact with them! I told the whole truth.

However, pressure from the Russian embassy was increasing, the MP, the Russian government bank, and CICIG, pressured the judge. They sent me to jail, saying, that I entered Guatemala, allegedly illegally and that it is necessary to investigate everything that happened in Russia and abroad carries a risk of escape.

Really, I was so exhausted from the days of being in lockup, I had no strength to protest. I just wanted to get out of this hell as quickly as possible. They took me to jail, “Mariscal Zavala”

Here I could lie on a berth with matress and sleep a little after all. The prison lacks of water services, but what makes it better than others, is that there are not privileges because most criminals are professionals and they are very well organized, despite lack of space. Almost all prison facilities were made by hands and resources of prisoners, including the bathrooms, painted walls, bunk beds, mattresses, tables and chairs. In that jail there was no extortion from other prisoners, either there was no violence.

Another kind of test was awaiting for me, I was being extorted by Prison System Officers …

To be continued…

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