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6. The root of our problems

La Raiz de Nuestros Problemas Igor Vladimirovich Bitkov

When they froze our process we receive a relatively quiet period.

In prison I got sick from an abscess in the neck, which swelled and gave me great pain. I was taking antibiotics during four weeks but it did not work, unlike my kidneys were affected. Finally I was sent to hospital and ha surgery to remove the abscess. My kidneys gave great pain to my body and I swelled up, because kidneys were working only at 20%, for five nights could not sleep because of the severe pain. At the hospital I was treated well and given appropriate treatment. Hospital also got internet access.

My wife and I discovered many details abut our case provided by Russian news, we read that in hospital five months after they captured us. In January 15th, 2015 the Russian government newspapers wrote that our family was captured in Guatemala, due to the fact that we had been great criminals. There were many curious details.

News came out several hours before our capture in Russia, but howcome? meanwhile we were still in the house.


That proved us that the Russians knew, long before about our capture. But they do not even hide that.

A Russian official said this in his interview:

  1. They were looking for us all, because we left the country.
  2. We were found in Guatemala by Russian researchers.
  3. For two years they were trying to capture us through MP.
  4. He said they even had much collaboration with CICIG.

The Russian official complained that the MP for long refused capture us. Finally they succeeded in capturing the whole family. I imagine, how they managed, how many bribes were paid.

Among all the things the Russians said, they saidthat we lived in a palace and put the photo of the  Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala, as it was our house, and who could know the truth on the other side of the planet… all this news were in Russian language.

They also said that we were ringleaders of a government structure which falsified documents. On the day at the first statement on January 23th, Russian newspapers gave another wave of praise, and for that reason I was sent to prison. All these articles were full of humiliations and insults against my entire family, including Anastasia.

I know how those Russian propaganda machines work. Thousands of journalists working for Putin government trying to maintain its positive image and battling the opponents worldwide. In Russia, almost all media belong to the government. Russia and Guatemala have many similarities, but there is a very different thing. In Russia, President, is not changed and he has everything under his control, especially the media. Thus, the president became the dictator. Many journalists died or suffered, trying to touch that dictatorship. Plus, Putin, deceives everyone hiding his real face. He was acting against us through this enormous machine of misinformation and deception. That machine was used to separate us from our son.

On January 26th, the powerful representative of Putin from affairs of childhood, Pavel Astakhov, gave a public comment which said that he was “concerned” that our son, as he is russian, is in custody of a Guatemalan family and promised to take charge of his destiny. (My son was born in Guatemala after years of being out of Russia) Pavel Astakhov commanded the Russian ambassador of Guatemala to bring that case, and what do you think, did the ambassador visit any of us,  the boy’s parents and spoke about the situation, did he ask if we needed help? No way, he did not.

Now we know what the ambassador did. In two weeks, the authorities of Guatemala, in a violent manner, sent our son into the orphanage and forbade us to have any contact with our Little treasure, which I explained in my previous article State Kidnapping The next day, the situation with the “Russian child” was positively resolved for russia and the child was already in a place under the control of Russian embassy.

I can honestly say that for us, although we suffered a lot of the Putin regime before, this time it was surprising to see so much evil and hypocrisy it is from diplomats and senior officials of the Russian government, which surpassed all limits. It was obvious that they were against us using all their resources.

Suddenly, in Guatemala occurred something unexpected, … The visit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ leader Sergey Lavrov of the Russian government.

El Ministerio de asuntos exteriores del gobierno Ruso Sergey Pide Extraditar a Bitkovs

Fuente: PubliNews

That happened shortly after our capture, when they took our young son. According to the news, he came to deal with six points for dissimulation, but they were five commissioned points including one more assignment from Putin, and that was the main subject of his visit to Guatemala, he was talking to Otto Perez to sign an extradition treaty between two countries. And the only Russian prisoners in Guatemala were us! Then he came, only to negotiate our extradition.

Sergey Lavrov

Personally. Sergey Lavrov, the person closest to Putin, traveled 15,000 kilometers to a small country to take us. 

It means, that for some reason, Putin wants to keep us in Russia and uses a lot of resources to achieve his goal. But there is a problem. For all these years, who persecuted us, our prosecutors in Russia, failed to invent a crime that could intimidate us. Rather, they invented crime, but found no valid evidence to prove their fantasies. So they got used to accuse people like that in Russia, a place where justice does not exist and all obey the orders of the dictator. But in other countries it has to show something.

In my first statement the representatives of Russia, complained that I received a loan and with that money left the country and they promised to present all the evidence. It might be easy to show all the loan contracts and receipt of money!

The bank always has guarantees, which may be some properties that exceed amount of loan and the bank receives all these properties, if one does not pay. Problem is, that never really happened.

I have curiously been waiting in jail for that “evidence”, the ghost loans that can be presented Russians. I awaited for two months. Finally they brought me these documents. There was only a “copy of the contract of guarantee” by a company between me and the bank. It was not the loan contract.

The contract said that I am surety for a company. That copy was so badly done, that almost had not seen the firm. But certainly when I assumed my signature signing took me surprise it was false and did not need any other documents. The Russians did that.

Banco VTB Rusia Falsifico Firma de Igor Bitkov

True Letter Left – false letter Right

To be more explicit, the lawyer asked for  the original or a copy of better quality, in which they could firm. But the bank refused. They  said they had no other copies. To clarify everything, our lawyer (now if God wants him to ba good one) made a provocative demand to civil court, they have to solve this case. In other words invited the bank to the court and to judge the case according to their demand. The bank took a long time to response and it was to avoid participating in the process with excuses that their power letters were expired. Finally they refused to participate in the process, saying that Guatemala court has no jurisdiction. Obviously the bank knows that the evidence of the alleged crime is false. Only in Russia they can use these types of tests done in their offices. I think the judge laughed at this response. On startup, the bank presents this false claims and false evidence.

Then, when they were invited to a competent court, they say they no longer want to have nothing to do with justice in Guatemala, of course they do not want justice. What they want is to decieve justice by any means posible in Guatemala and move us to Russia, where justice does not exist. Where Russian judges are simply puppets that follow Putin’s orders.

ther country their false claims and evidence without thinking about consequences. Probably Russian agents thought that their generous bribes and ignorance of some officials, allow them to use any dirty resource, underestimating judges from Guatemala. I have no doubt that they will continue with their attempts. We discovered that here in Guatemala, Putin’s dictatorship has wide influence through corruption. Long before, in times of Soviet Union, the utopian idea of communism, allowed to expand its influence throughout the world, now the key idea of Putin’s Russia is corruption, Russia is undoubtedly the most corrupted country in the world Putin and his followers seized all the wealth of the country. With these enormous resources, you can buy many politicians and officials around the world.

In Guatemala, some corrupt officials prefer Russia to the United States with his attempts to combat corruption. We know several officials from Guatemala collaborating with Russia in our pursuit. Yet the Russians failed to extradite them, with all falsehoods. New traps hope we will prepare Putin regime

Why do they make so much effort?

The answer is simple; to scare thousands of other entrepreneurs in Russia, so they know that regime will punish every rebel.

Fear is vital to the Putin system.

He sees its citizens as slaves. Their policy is very simple in three phases; 1. Punish  2. frighten and 3. eliminate. For that reason, it is very important to punish us.

To be continued…

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