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[warning]CLARIFICATION: The next analytical article is based on publications from journalists, well known facts or from public knowledge and I quote all of the sources at the end.[/warning]

I remember very well, since my youth, the news about Guatemala that we received in USSR. All the news was about just one topic, the civil war. It showed us, that the partisans, how they call them in the USSR, were fighting bravely against the damned capitalists and were getting close to the final victory, how it had happened in Cuba, Nicaragua, and almost winning in Salvador [sic.]. I was a young boy, that believed in the communist idea without a doubt.

If I had never got out of the USSR, I might still be believing in all this communism utopia. My life had other direction. I was in the army outside the USSR, then I had the possibility of travel a lot and saw how people live in democratic countries. I discovered the truth, communism is a big lie and all of this guerrillas were the outcome of the deceit of Soviet propaganda and a big financial and material support that the Soviet Union provided to la guerrilla trough Cuba or directly.

Is because of this, that all the communist guerrilla ended very soon after the fall of the USSR. Cuba didn’t have resources to finance the war without support of the USSR. Just in Colombia till this day the communist insurgents have achieved to survive, but they have funding from narco-activities and are essentially drug cartels.

In Guatemala, the peace agreements were signed in 1996. That’s how the time of the sanguinary conflict ended, were USSR, participated with the purpose of increasing its control zone around the world

There is no secret to anybody that, in that period of time, USSR gained many followers among Guatemalans. The situation, when the military committed many abuses and war crimes they ease the job for the KGB, to find the people that collaborated in some way. Of course, among the same guerrillas. KGB hired many agents. Some of them have had, their special preparation in Cuba or the USSR.

          What happened after the fall of the USSR?


The new Russia inherited the KGB. In the first period of the new state, the KGB was renamed in FSB (Federal Security Service). Although the name was changed, the purposes haven’t changed much. In the early years, FSB achieved to established total state control, of companies, the army, of criminal structures. I remember very well the time of the 90s. They acted without limits – they killed people, sold guns, make wars. The culmination of all of this, was the accession to power of Vladimir Putin in 1999 as creature of FSB. The first thing, he made, was the expansion of the FSB presence in every part of the state. The officials from FSB leaded and they got into state departments, ministries, banks, big companies and many other entities. As a result, the Russian FSB became something much greater than an intelligence or security service. It is, practically, a center of real power which controls all the country.

But, FSB is not limited to Russia internal affairs. In reality, is the heir of KGB, with all of its wide network of influence agents around the world and the network is still growing. As I mentioned before, Latin America even Guatemala, traditionally was a very important area for the KGB, because they thought, they could repeat the success obtained in Cuba and Nicaragua. The communist system collapsed, but the network is still functioning, serving for the new dictatorship of Putin, with new purposes. What are these new goals?

  • They are still fooling people about the greatness and mystical strength of Russia, as the USSR did before.

  • Trying to obtain political favors and commercial benefits through influence agents.

  • They chase opponents all over the world, who dare to tell the truth about Putin’s dictatorship.

  • They keep businesses hidden and many times are against the law.

Our own situation, that we have in Guatemala, is a great example that shows how it works this influence network of the FSB.

Our persecution began in the year 2007, when we denied to obey criminal orders of the dictatorship. After they kidnapped our daughter we left the country seeking for shelter. We received death threats from the FSB officials, demanding our return to Russia. At the end, through the law firm “Cutino International”, we received new documents in Guatemala with name changes.

Cómo obtuvimos Documentos en Guatemala - Igor Bitkov

You may be interested in reading the article: How we obtained our documents in Guatemala? by clicking  HEREActually, we underestimated the FSB. They found us in Guatemala in 2013, but they decided not to kill. Using their influence agents, they fabricated a false accusation. We were captured and charged with use of false documents, alteration and usurpation of civil status and suppression of civil status. The law says clearly that no migrant can be involve in criminal proceeding for use or creation of false documents. Despite everything, they sent us to jail, were I’ve been for almost two years and a half without any legal sentence and no one can do anything. That’s how the influence network of the FSB works, it allows them to put a family in jail with false accusations and keep them illegally in jail for years.

Let’s analyze a little bit – who is involved in this extended network

All of our legal process is managed through the law firm “Comte & Font”. This office has its name from the two partners and leaders – Henry Comte y David Font. There is plenty of information about these persons and their participation in criminal activities and this is a big thing, but for now I limit myself to confirm that they participated as progenitors in activities of companies, that are now under investigation, as Oberdrecht, Blue Oil, Easy Marketing, Intertechne Consultores and others. Without a doubt they are forming a powerful structure of parallel power in Guatemala. They are related with the governments of Alvaro Colom, Otto Perez Molina and Jimmy Morales. The anomalous designation of Henry Comte as substitute judge of the Constitutional Court is another confirmation of the power that the structure has.

Los Poderes Oscuros, Artículo Analítico Escrito por Igor Bitkov

You may be interested in reading the article “The Dark Powers” by clicking HERE

Precisely Henry Comte was chosen as trustee of the Russian government bank VTB in 2013, to form the persecution against our family. The collaboration with the Russian government brings many benefits to Henry Comte. He is also an executive of the company Blue Oil, that receives a large part of fuel from Russia. Let’s remember that all the oil activities are under the personal control of Putin. Certainly, the influence of “Comte & Font” in the judicial body is huge, especially when there is limitless funding from Russia to bribe every person of the judicial body if necessary. Thereof the numerous anomalies in our legal process.

We are the only emigrants in Guatemala, that are in jail for having supposedly false documents.


The judge of our legal process was Erica Aifan, she committed so many illegalities, that there is no doubt of its partiality in favor of “Comte & Font”. I received the information, in court, that violating all the ethic rules, she meets with representatives from “Comte & Font” every 15 days in her office behind close doors.

Which topics could discuss the judge with “Comte & Font” on a regular basis?


Is a little bit weird that those reunions didn’t help Erica Aifan to find a valid excuse for violate the immigration law and the Treaty of Palermo, that prohibits to involve emigrants in a legal process for these charges. The only thing that the judge managed to say was that she has the doubt about whether we are emigrants or refugees. The argument is so stupid, even the judge didn’t dare to say it again, although she took an illegal decision to send us to trail. Obviously she has a strong protection, when she is violating the law gravely, and this protection is sponsored by the influence network of the FSB.



You may be interested in reading the article “New Judicial Trap”  by clicking HERE

The first ones that supported Erica Aifan are magistrates of the appeals chamber from this court: Anabella Cardona Cambara, Mynor Oxom Paredes, Harold Ortiz Perez. For some reason these three magistrates, not just closed their eyes to all the illegalities that Erica Aifan clearly made and dismiss all our appeals, but they did something worst. In a anomalous way, 5 hours after received the notification of the sentence from the Constitutional Court, despite our rejection, they issued a new resolution without complying the sentence of the Constitutional Court, that provided protection in favor of mi wife Irina. They not only violated the time limits of the procedure, but also never notified us or the attorneys of their anomalous resolution. They have no fear about committing these illegalities, like Erica Aifan, because they are protected by the influence network.


The Appeals Chamber composed by: Magistrate Anabella Esmeralda Cardona Cámbara (President), Magistrate Mynor Antonio Oxom Paredes (Vocal I), Magistrate Harold Estuardo Ortiz Pérez (Vocal II).

The story of the kidnapping, by the government, of our little son Vladimir, who was just three years old at that time, show us all the cruelty that the FSB uses. VIOLA-INTERÉS-SUPERIOR-DEL-NIÑO-Caso-Vladimir-Bitkov-escrito-por-Irina-Bitkova.png

You may be interested in reading the article “Judge Violates the Superior Interest of the Child” by clicking HERE


Many powerful persons were involved in this kidnapping. The judge Maria Belen Reyna Salazar, revoked the custody of our son violating the rules and laws, and sent him to an orphanage. The Attorney General for the children, Haroldo Flores, supported her in this decision. But there were also involved persons that we didn’t expect at all. The magistrate of the Supreme Court at that time, Vladimir Aguilar, called the magistrates of the appeals chamber to pressure them to not give us our son back from the orphanage.

Thank god, the magistrates refused to obey Aguilar regardless of his huge influence in the judicial body.

What relationship does Vladimir Aguilar have with our son? 

Why he got involved in our tragedy? 

It seems odd, but we have to remember that behind all of this, there is the FSB with its influence network. Another character, with whom we never expected to be confronted was Norma Cruz. Her organization “Sobrevivientes” requested to the PGN, to leave our son in the orphanage.

What relationship does this woman’s advocate with our process?

Why she was helping the FSB to kidnap our son from his mom and dad? 

We have to analyze the past of Norma Cruz. She participated in la guerrilla. She lived several of years in Nicaragua, which was under Soviet rule. There she received political asylum. I assume that it was impossible to receive political asylum in a communist country without collaborating with KGB. Probably, at that time her collaboration with KGB began. Although it could be just a favor as a payment, so she couldn’t deny.

I guess many of you, reading this, are thinking:

 “This is impossible, for what reason FSB would be in Guatemala?” 

I thought the same, till the moment I discovered many important details. We know, since 2011, that the mining company CGN started functioning in Guatemala.

People know that is the largest nickel mine in the country, located in Izabal, known in the past as EXIMBAL. We also know that CGN belongs to some Russians. All of this is true, but it is just a little part of the truth. This is a wide and deep subject. In this article I will limit myself, to clear just a few important moments. The real owners of the mine are Russian businessmen linked with V. Putin. This people always work, under the control and protection of FSB.

The question is:

“Why does Putin needs this mine?”

It has some nickel, but it also has big problems. First, in unprofitable. Precisely because of that, it was closed by the past owners in 1981. The second serious problem, is that the mine affects a lot the interests of native population. It destroys their lands, does much environmental damage, it provokes conflicts with the population. We know, that EXIMBAL used many times the army to defend their interests. This is why for several years nobody wanted to buy this mine, that was closed and for sale. The owners lost hope to sell the property, but suddenly, an offshore company with Russian beneficiaries, unknown, called Serway, did a generous offer. The Russians showed big interest for this mine and for Guatemala in general.

The president at that time Alvaro Colom was invited to Russia and went for a visit in 2009. Shortly after that the mine in El Estor was bought and thousands of Russian workers arrived in Guatemala as tourists to work in the mine. This is a law violation, but it doesn’t matter when the President is protecting this business.

Soon came the new president Otto Perez and regardless that with Alvaro Colom they had many disagreements, the CGN was highly favored by Otto Perez as well by the previous President. Otto Perez visited this mine several times and said some strange phrases: “This project is the biggest in all America and exceeds the investment of the Panama Canal”.

This is a lie, but it was clear that Otto Perez was completely supporting this Russian project. The Russians didn’t fulfill most of their promises of investing over a billion dollars in the construction of the factory that could produce nickel, or pay 50 million dollars as royalty to de state every year, but they send thousands of tons of the land to Russia and Ukraine. I think this gives sense to everything.

I have an idea but I want to remark that is just an idea…

For the past two decades, FSB is controlling the Asian drug trafficking made of poppy from Afghanistan, Burma, Laos, and other countries to Europe and, of course, to Russia. All the drug distribution is under the control of FSB, that uses the criminal structures as their own subordinates. The other goal for FSB is to obtain the control of drug trafficking in South America, such as cocaine and others. The port in Guatemala, that formally is embarking the land of the mine from El Estor, is an excellent bridge for smuggle drugs to Europe and Russia. Here we have everything: The Russian workers, industrial areas, transportation, security, and everything is under the screen of a legitimate activity. There is also information that the Russians not only extract nickel from the mine, but also, uranium which is a strategic element for the production of nuclear weapons.

That is also a possibility. We can conclude that the Russian project in El Estor established a big and secret approach between the two counties. Otto Perez, for the first time in the history of the country sent multiple groups of senior officials of his security service SAAS to Russia for training, in the FSB special centers of preparation.

I totally understand Otto Perez and Alvaro Colom, Russia is an excellent ally for every corrupt regime. Vladimir Putin is a dictator, for whom corruption is their ideological platform, Is its foundation. The FSB, practically became in his own force, that only serves to his interests. The new strategy of Putin is to use corruption as a universal weapon all over the world to expand his influence network. Through corruption they are controlling and manipulating politicians, judges, prosecutors and others subjects in the government. They also have to their service criminal structures.

The fall of the government of Otto Perez didn’t finish with the Russian influence. We must remember, that this network penetrates more and more in the judicial system of the country.

In our case we can see how this system works, remember the prosecutors that collaborate with the Russians in our case.

I hope, this would be someday a matter for a deep investigation. The problem of the existence of this network is a threat to the national security of the country.

We know, what kind of results could this Russian influence give by the examples of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria.

All of these countries, were or are hired by Russia. There is no country in the world that is under the Russian influence and flourish.


I thank all the people that in one way or another sent me printed the fallowing articles for the realization of this analytical article.












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