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Juan Francisco Sandoval is corrupted by Kremlin


Those who have read the famous novel “1984” by George Orwell will understand the analogies that I will use. As Orwell has shown, the hypocritical and shameless authorities often turn their ministries into something totally contrary to their name.

So I can define that the FECI, in reality is not an entity against impunity, but is a defender of impunity and the Public Ministry is not public because it works for the interests of other people. According to what has been proclaimed, they must ensure justice and prosecute criminals.

Actually some prosecutors use justice and their power for personal interests  . In my previous articles I have detailed the topic of impunity provided by the MP and FECI for the powerful criminal structure of human traffickers headed by high level officials and among them Mayra Veliz .

Initially, our process was one of the juicy businesses of the leaders of the MP and CICIG at that time of Thelma Aldana and Ivan Velasquez. They together with the powerful lawyers Alfonso Carrillo and Henry Comte carried out a project for the Russian state banks and for the Russian dictatorship of Vladimir Putin .

The project was to condemn our family for so many years in prison that they never had the chance to go free. There have started problems that neither CICIG nor Thelma Aldana, nor others involved, expected. The Helsinki commission of the US Senate has begun investigation of this collusion with Russia.

But apart from corruption with the Russian banks, another problem has arisen for the leaders of the MP and CICIG. Although they have done everything to avoid investigating the structure of human traffickers, the participation of Mayra Veliz and Raúl Morales was discovered and denounced by the Bitkov.

This is how the nightmare of Aldana and Velázquez began that little by little has lost international and national support. As a result the two are out of Guatemala, desperate and their plans to establish their power in Guatemala were ruined. If the investigation against the criminal structure had advanced, the two could have much more serious problems.

But until today his accomplices who manage MP have managed to prevent and impede justice. I refer to Juan Francisco Sandoval and other senior MP officials. JF Sandoval has so much power in the MP that it hurts the Attorney General. I will demonstrate this with several events that have occurred lately.

We denounced and challenged the head of FECI – Juan Francisco Sandoval for various crimes of covering up the criminal structure . The challenge was presented before the Attorney General – Consuelo Porras in November 2018. Several months was left without some resolution, but in March 2019, 5 months later, we were notified that it was resolved without place, but it was NOT resolved by the Attorney General, but by his deputy Attorney General – Carla Isidra Valenzuela  Elías  .

In this way of manipulating the procedures through the substitute Attorney General who was appointed by the same ladies Thelma Aldana and Mayra Veliz, the criminal structure maintains its impunity and protects Juan Francisco Sandoval.

Below you can see that the same Thelma Aldana left an agreement to appoint her deputy and in this strange case that is still the same trusted substitute of Thelma Aldana which supplies the Attorney General Consuelo Porras.

Appointment of Carla Valenzuela as substitute for the FG by Thelma Aldana and Mayra Veliz

We saw then that the FECI waited for the opportune moment to that the General Attorney Doctor Consuelo Porras was not in the country so that her deputy, decided to declare without place the challenge that we made against the prosecutors of the FECI. Could it be that Doctor Consuelo Porras knows about this? I doubt she knows what situations are resolved when she has to leave the country.

Other characters who have done a great favor to the criminal structure are ex-boss of the metropolitan prosecutor  Luis Archila and the prosecutor Olga Hidalgo Motta who tried to file a complaint against the traffickers of people where Mayra Veliz is linked.

Below you can see how the prosecution that should investigate Mayra Veliz wants to dismiss and file the case against Mayra Veliz:

The resolution of the case file against Mayra Veliz and Cutino International

The resolution of the case file against Mayra Veliz and Cutino International

The strategy of the head of FECI – Juan Francisco Sandoval follows the same despite the numerous evidence and evidence, he wants to blame for crimes of human trafficking to migrants – to us and not investigate the criminals.

But his strategy was ruined by a special prosecutor of the public prosecutor’s office Silvia Patricia López Carcamo – the just, brave and professional woman who at the hearing on June 7, 2018 before the magistrates of the appeals chamber literally pronounced the following:

“… the quality of the accused, Igor Bitkov, Irina Bitkova, Anastasia Bitkova, are directly linked to the quality status of migrants, which is why they are not subject to criminal proceedings because of their right to migrants …”

In her speech, the prosecutor clearly states that our family should never be subject to criminal proceedings for the crimes of possessing an identity document according to international and national laws. I put your full speech here.

The audio of the hearing of June 7, 2018 where Silvia Lopez says that our family of migrants should not be judged in criminal proceedings.

Silvia Lopez, based on the Protocol against Illicit Trafficking in Persons, concludes that our family should not be judged for the facts that accuse us . The prosecutor in the short conversation after the hearing expressed her support and proposed putting our trust in God who is almighty and doing his justice in a wonderful way.

The prosecutor was absolutely right. God did his work and our family is under his protection. The persecutors of our family are losing their power one for another, although the process is not so quick and simple.

The same I want to wish Dr. Silvia López who puts her trust and soul to God. I regret to see that a few days ago on May 10, 2019 the same prosecutor signed a document addressed to the same room related to our appeal where she requests to confirm the court ruling of Yassmin Barrios for my wife and my daughter who condemns 14 years of the jail to the migrants for the simple fact of having an identity document issued by the authorities in an anomalous way .

But this time, she asks for it without any argument and without explaining why it contradicts her previous conclusions and the laws she herself has mentioned. What pressure do prosecutors have on behalf of FECI?

MP asks the Chamber to confirm the sentence against Irina and Anastasia Bitkov.

MP asks the Chamber to confirm the sentence against Irina and Anastasia Bitkov.

I do not know what the mafia of Mayra Veliz, Thelma Aldana and Francisco Sandoval or the Russian criminal state did to force this prosecutor to commit this incomprehensible act, to lend herself to persecution against our family.  

It is clear to us that the MP manipulated by Francisco Sandoval is favoring the dark interests of the criminal structures and the Russian criminal state. What happened to this prosecutor – they bribed her, extorted her, frightened her?

The current Attorney General Consuelo Porras keeps a silence that puts us in doubt as to her position on the tragedy of our family. We do not know if he really knows what is happening or not.

What we believe is that Attorney General Dr. Consuelo Porras is being misinformed by Sandoval and his accomplices in order to harm her.

The Yassmin Barrios court ruling is illegal in many respects and was annulled by the amparo filed by Igor Bitkov. But the power of CICIG was so unlimited that they managed to use all the tricks to not apply for the protection in favor of Irina and Anastasia and they are still sentenced to 14 years each.

On May 30, the hearing of the public hearing is scheduled for our appeal against the malicious and spurious sentence. We hope that the magistrates will not allow injustice to continue against our family and resolve the case of Irina and Anastasia according to the law and do not lend themselves to the interests of the criminal structures and the Russian criminal state which handle criminal prosecution against our family.

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