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Article, Justice



In this document is explained how certain high level officials of CICIG, FECI and Public Ministry: Ivan Velazquez , Thelma Aldana , Juan Francisco Sandoval , Mayra Veliz and others, created a powerful crime ring which involved itself in manipulation of penal cases with the purpose of personal enrichment. Some of the consequences include theft from public funds, corruption, blackmail, cover up of particular cases and obstruction of justice; but most shockingly they have collaborated with Putin and Maduro on numerous occasions.

I have already written a number of investigative articles on this subject where in great details I explained the violations and the role of this crime ring in “Migration” Case and in “Odebrecht-Sigma” Case.


El Verdadero Pacto de Corruptos en Guatemala


This time I will show you how Aldana, Velasquez and Sandoval obstructed justice and covered up money laundering operations that came from narco-traffic and corruption of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and his cartel Los Soles. In this case the crime ring not only covered up the money laundering operations but also tried to illegally take control of one of the biggest Guatemalan banks – Bantrab.      

Part of the story with Bantrub caused a great scandal in December 2015. Guatemalan newspapers eagerly wrote about the civil case against the executives of Bantrab in US.

Lo que se sabe de DHK Finance, inversionista de Bantrab

The claimant was the company Quantum Capital whose interests were represented by lawyer Oswaldo Jugo of Venezuelan origin. The claim was made in a Civil Court of Florida for not paying a commission of varios millions of dollars as was accorded in the contract signed between Bantrab and a company DHK Finance. DHK Finance belongs to Venezuelans  Hidalgo Rafael Socorro Urdaneta and Enoc Martinez. On 30th of December of 2015 judge Ursula Ungaro resolved that executives of Bantrab must pay to Quantum Capital  $3´643´000  for the breach of contract. The judge also qualified certain actions of Bantrab executives as fraudulent under the laws and regulations of Florida.

The most interesting and important part in this case was the contract itself. Because apart from the formal, written contract, there was also an agreement of mutual understanding. In a few words, there was a detailed plan of how 3 executives of Bantrab together with Venezuelans can become owners of 80% of the entity paying only $ 20 million which roughly constitutes a little less than 1% of the bank´s capital.

When the civil case arouse in US the fraudulent nature of the contract became obvious to the judge. From the files of the case we can see that the contract was divided into parts. The company DHK Finance paid $ 20 million to Bantrab to obtain the above mentioned actions. The fraud could have been done in complete silence. But the intermediary company called Quantum Capital didn´t receive its commission and denounced other participants thus creating a public scandal. During the civil case Guatemalan bankers were questioned about the agreement of mutual understanding.

During these questionings Mr Liu Yon confirmed his own signature as well as those of his colleagues. He also said that he made a physical copy of the contract, that the three Guatemalan executives called themselves G3, that he received e-mails about the meeting during which the agreement of mutual understanding was prepared and signed.

Fuente: https://www.soy502.com/articulo/este-era-plan-secreto-g3-bantrab-aduenarse-banco-149

It´s interesting that Guatemalan press reacted to this case, which took place in US, with such an enthusiasm and closely followed it publishing in the news every detail.

The news had its consequences in Guatemala. In the beginning of 2016 IVE (The Office of Special Verification) of SIB (Head Office of Bancs) detected suspicious investments made by DHK Finance Inc in Bantrab, and warned that the money for these investments could have an illicit origin; this resulted in a denunciation and the appropriate actions on the part of Prosecutor of the Assets Recovery Court. The prosecutor asked the judge of the Assets Recovery Court – Marco Antonio Villeda – to take the necessary actions, issue search warrants and freeze the assets as well as to investigate the possible irregular allocation of shares of Bantrab to Venezuelan Hidalgo Rafael Socorro Urdaneta and the company DHK Finance Inc which was registered in Panama.

Both Guatemalan and international press enthusiastically shared every detail about the money laundering network where DHK Finance was involved.

Meanwhile Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales fired the president of Bantrab Hernandez on 17th of March of 2016.

Fiscalía allana oficinas del Bantrab y recoge documentos por dudoso origen de fondos

Summarizing what we have just learned: in April of 2016 Public Ministry, Head Office of Banks (SIB) and judge Marco Antonio Villeda began decisive actions and an investigation into the crimes of money laundering and multi-million dollars fraud with shares of Bantrab where were involved high ranking officials from regime of Maduro. The criminal case was opened in the Department of Money Laundering with number 01175-2016-00017. This was supposed to be one of the most important cases against international corruption of Maduro´s regime not only in Guatemala but in all of Latin America.

Then suddenly came a strange silence. All the Guatemalan press stopped writing anything at all about the case. Public Ministry, the judge, IVE and SIB – simultaneously went quiet as well. After the search of the Bantrab offices which was realized on 8th of April 2016, no one in Guatemala never touched the subject again. Why? Well, first let´s remember that these were times when Ivan Velasquez (head of CICIG) and Thelma Aldana (Attorney General) were unofficially controlling the whole legal system of Guatemala; during their reign appeared the practice of so-called “preventive prison” which means that anyone could be arrested and held in prison for years before trial. Many opponents of CICIG were victims of that and although they were absolved during the trial most of them spent at least 3 years in prison beforehand. So Ivan Velasquez and Thelma Aldana easily influenced many sectors of Guatemala including the press. The case of money laundering for Maduro regime was silenced as well as the case Odebrecht and some cases such as Migration case were simply perverted. It had to be someone very powerful indeed who could silence the whole legal system as well as all the press in the country to the point that the case of money laundering for Maduro could not even be spoken of anymore. And this is where the most interesting part begins.

We already know that the only ones in the country who held such power were Thelma Aldana and Ivan Velasquez together with their loyal subjects Juan Francisco Sandoval and Mayra Veliz. But the question is why they silenced this particular case? And here comes the information which was never published before. According to numerous witnesses, Venezuelans made first introductions with Ivan Velasquez through a famous lawyer Alfonso Carrillo. The official defense of Venezuelans was done by lawyer Harvey Pacay from law firm Legalsa. (By the way, the persecution against my family which became known as Bitkov case was done by the same people in collaboration with Putin´s government. Is it really a coincidence that the same people who defended Maduro also helped Putin?)

In order to confuse investigators from US, Thelma Aldana and Ivan Velasquez made a curious move here: they ordered JF Sandoval to begin a new case against executives of Bantrab but in this case there was no mention of Venezuelans. Aldana ordered for the original case 01175-2016-00017 to be transferred from Department of Money Laundering to FECI (a special prosecutor´s department under control of CICIG). Chief of FECI – JF Sandoval – then opened a new case with the help of one of the executives of Bantrab – Mr Liu Yon – who already collaborated with US investigation and admitted his participation in the fraud with the Venezuelans. But this time Liu Yon became a protected witness in a case of a sale of a building which was supposedly overpriced in favor of the other executives of Bantrab. This accusation was a smokescreen created to take attention away from the real fraud where participated the Maduro clan. While Ronald Garcia together with other employees of Bantrab were arrested, the Venezuelan Hidalgo Socorro and his accomplices were freed from any investigations. So once again Velasquez, Aldana and Sandoval used the same scheme of cover up that they applied in the cases Odebrecht-Sigma and Migration: they made scapegoats of innocent people and cruelly prosecuted them while the real criminal walked away.

Fuente: https://www.soy502.com/articulo/luz-negocios-entre-expresidente-bantrab-marllory-chacon-5313

Ronald García Navarijo, la pieza que faltaba en caso Bantrab, fue capturado


There is enough evidence to show that $ 20 million invested in Bantrab belonged to the right hand of Maduro – Diosdado Cabello – who was creating a new money laundering network in Guatemala and purchasing a Guatemalan bank was part of the plan. This would have been confirmed in Court by numerous witnesses but Velasquez and Aldana cancelled the original investigation in order to cover up Maduro´s officials.

Newspaper “Perro Bravo” was the only communication media in Guatemala which kept informing of this case. In their investigations they found out that partners of DHK Finance – Hidalgo Socorro and Enoc Martinez – are also involved in much bigger cases of corruption where the state company PDVSA figures out, this company belongs directly to Nicolas Maduro. There was also evidence of their relations with Cartel Los Soles and family of Nicolas Maduro that are directly involved in narcotrafic. In other words these people are deeply involved with the crimes of Maduro´s regime.

Fuente: http://www.revistaperrobravo.com/lo-que-no-se-ha-dicho-de-la-conexion-venezuela/

Fuente: http://www.revistaperrobravo.com/latinoamerica-el-cartel-de-los-soles-de-venezuela-se-expande-en-la-region/

There is a Venezuelan investigator who opposes Maduro´s dictatorship – Gustavo Coronel – who in his publications presents evidence against numerous grave crimes of corruption by Hidalgo Socorro and Enoc Martinez. He also proves their connection to narcotrafic and money laundering for Cartel Los Soles.

Fuente: http://lasarmasdecoronel.blogspot.com/2016/05/pdvsa-y-fuerza-armada-brazos-podridos.html

In his article “PDVSA and Armed Forces: rotten arms of chavist dictatorship that must be eliminated from Venezuela of the future” he makes a reference to the events in Guatemala and states that “with the help of his friend – Oswaldo Jugo – who has good relations with Erick Malpica Flores, Hidalgo Socorro made a contract with this banc (Bantrab)”. Eric Malpica is a nephew of wife of Nicolas Maduro – Cilia Flores.

Hidalgo Socorro y Enoc Martinez

Hidalgo Socorro y Enoc Martinez

According to investigations, the company DHK Finance Inc registered in Panama in 2011, is but one of many companies created for the network of money laundering of Maduro´s clan and managed by nephew of Maduro´s wife Cilia Flores – Carlos Erick Malpica Flores. Two other nephews of Cilia Flores – Efrain Campo Flores and Francisco Flores were arrested by DEA with 800 kg of cocaine in November 2015; they confirmed that Erick Malpica Flores now namages the extensive network of money laundering that comes from narcotrafic and corruption of Maduro´s clan.

Red de lavado de dinero en Panama

Red de lavado de dinero en Panamá


Fuente: https://www.noticiascandela.informe25.com/2016/04/enoc-martinez-e-hidalgo-socorro-los.html

Fuente: http://lasarmasdecoronel.blogspot.com/2016/07/once-razones-para-no-dialogar-con-un.html

Analysing this information we can conclude that: Thelma Aldana, Ivan Velasquez, Juan Francisco Sandoval covered up and left in impunity officials of Nicolas Maduro, they cancelled investigation against them and completely “forgot” about the crime of money laundering and multi-million dollars fraud. In the operation of cover up participated influential lawyers Alfonso Carrillo and Harvey Pacay Alvarez as intermediaries between Maduro´s people and aforementioned Guatemalan officials.

These same officials and lawyers participated in the persecution by Kremlin against my family. Currently the case against Venezuelans, money laundering network and fraud in favour of Maduro is archived in FECI – department headed by JF Sandoval. The witnesses were imprisoned and the evidence was hidden. On other words the Bantrab case is one crime more committed by what can only be called a crime ring of Ivan Velasquez, Thelma Aldana and JF Sandoval. The exact same scheme that was used to hide Maduro´s crimes while imprisoning the witnesses was used in Migration case and in Odebrecht-Sigma case as well as many others.

It seems that protecting agents of Russian and Venezuelan dictatorships became a habit of Aldana, Velasquez and Sandoval. Just last year they let go Randy Craig Levine who is a fugitive from US justice and an intelligence agent of Russian government. in Guatemala he was captured with documents on the name of Victor Lapin. Here he managed a crime ring which dedicated to issuance of altered documents to foreigners, together with Marcos Cutino and Kenneth Biderman. Despite extensive evidence of many grave crimes committed by Randy Craig Levine (or using his Russian name –  Victor Lapin), he was let go under house arrest, the next day he ran away but Guatemalan justice system turned a blind eye to this.

Randy Craig quien declararía contra Mayra Veliz se fugó ¿Coincidencia?

All these cases have something in common: huge quantities of money were hidden by corrupt officials of high level and all of them are left in complete impunity. It is time for US to investigate closer the participants of these crimes, and in particular those who manipulated the whole justice system in order to cover them up –  Thelma Aldana , Ivan Velazquez and JF Sandoval!

One thing is absolutely clear here: Ivan Velasquez, Thelma Aldana, JF Sandoval, Alfonso Carillo, Harvey Pacay are actively involved with criminal regimes of Putin and Maduro and systematically cover up all their crimes in Guatemala.

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