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5. Frozen Justice

La Justicia Congelada Igor Vladimirovich Bitkov

Después de mi primera declaración aparte de la historia dolorosa de orfanato salieron las cosas que todavía es muy difícil explicar.

After my first statement other than the painful history of the orphanage it turned out that it is still very difficult to explain.

Although Judge Miguel Galvez, sent me to jail, for Anastasia and Irina he treated us as a humanist, sending them to the hospital until first statement.

Unfortunately with this judge the first statement never happened.

When Anastasia was still in critical condition of her illness, after a few days after coming to the hospital from lockup, she and Irina were taken back to the Court Tower for the audience with Miguel Galvez and he declared his resignation continue the process. As a new judge there was a women named Patricia Flores.

We did not understand the consequences of that. We looked at it like. A judge changed to another, was something not that important. It was a big mistake.

In a country like Guatemala, justice depends on a judge, , and our new judge had her special fame. In jail I heard several stories of her way of “Justice” and soon, we have experienced her “Justice”.

After two months since they captured us, Irina had her first statement. Logically there was no reason for being captured by MP.

The denounced crime was very slight, use of forged documents.

She never had any criminal record before. Her house, her company which employed 30 Guatemalans and which was expected to be expanded … It had never hurt anyone. She also has a 3 year old son and daughter during the crisis of disease, both need their mother. But the show went on.

Prosecutors MP and CICIG, representatives of RENAP and Russian Government VTB Bank in the same way they did to me, they intimated Irina, just, ghost crimes without any evidence. They said that Irina was a member of criminal structure within RENAP AND MIGRATION, without presenting a single proof. But that was not necessary. It seemed that the change of judges helped our accusers.


The Judge Flores listened to Irina and their supporters but she ignored them, Looking out the window, repeatedly interrupted them in a violent manner. She was treated without respect.

She rejected all their arguments without much thought nor explaination. Then it came the audience as it was a vain decoration of the resolution that the judge already had. The resolution was tougher, than we expected. Irina was sent to prison for women “Santa Teresa” and out of the hospital. The only thing that still hampers the resolution was the obligation of INACIF.to evaluate Anastasia and Irina.

Anastasia did not yet have her first statement. Her health, yet not allowed her to participate in the hearing. As we struggled to regain our son Vladimir orphanage.

Anastasia was in a serious crisis and the doctor prescribed a large increase in medical treatment. When her health was a little improved, then it came the audience.

My dear daughter said with great sincerity and honesty. She was always sure that her documents were authentic. Compared with us, she did not change the name, the passage was made by my initiative.

Her illness did not allow her to be in jail. She also told about the kidnapping, which occurred in Russia in 2007, which was the main reason for our family to leave  Russia.

When she talked about her little brother Vladimir, as they got him to the orphanage, the judge interrupted her statement and said that is not related to her case. Judge again showed her indifference and how she spoke to Anastasia and her defender. In contrast to the accusers she listened to them with attention and respect. Although they surpassed theirselves lying without limits.

The Russians, for example, involved Anastasia in our alleged crimes, although she left the country after her kidnapping as a teenager. THE RENAP INTIMATED Anastasia, they said that she faked her DPI herself, because in an internal document of RENAP,  it was written a letter from her name.

Again they asked for Anastasia to be taken in custody and her transfer to prison. The Judge accepted all follies that MP, CICIG, RENAP, AND RUSSIAN BANK VTB. made, what were CICIG AND RUSSIAN BANK VTB doing IN THIS HEARING, I will never understand.


With this bank, my daughter never had any relationship. CICIG has to fight organized crime … How does that with my daughter? So she came out, Judge Patricia Flores ordered Preventive Prison for my Anastasia. But she needed her previous medical evaluation by INACIF, in order to move her and Irina to prison.

The hearing ended and at that same week in the early Sunday morning at the hospital a doctor from INACIF came and talked to the current doctor demanding the medical papers shift with all about Anastasia’s treatment. It appeared that the representative from INACIF was a therapist who could not examine Anastasia. There would have to come a psychiatrist. The specialist came several days later. All this time Anastasia and Irina were on alert. At any time they could be moved to Santa Teresa.

When the INACIF psychiatrist came, he examined Anastasia, Prohibiting Irina  to participate in the event. Then he spoke with Irina. He explained that the state of Anastasia is so severe that he will ask the judge for the replacement measures for Anastasia and Irina, To exclude prison guards in the hospital, during those days, they were very limited from many things, like going out to the garden for example.  the doctor banned prison altogether.


Due to the characteristics of bipolar disorder, individuals have a higher risk of mortality from accidents and natural causes such as cardiovascular disease and is considered a chronic disorder with high morbidity and mortality (Source: Wikipedia)

INACIF sent their request to the court but the judge Patricia Flores, after two weeks ordered another medical check  by INACIF.

At this time the doctor was very upset. Among all, he said “why does the judge not understand that BIPOLARITY IS A CHRONIC ILLNESS AND CAN NOT BE CURED IN TWO WEEKS NEITHER IN TWO YEARS”. Once again INACIF sent to judge its resolution, Anastasia and Irina had to stay at home and there was no way for them remain in prison. Being under custody in a hospital, also was not helpful for her health, however the judge did not resolve the INACIF request. A few days later they left us without any judge.

Something happened after all that, MP and CICIG MADE A PRETRIAL JUDGEMENT against Patricia Flores.

Our legal process was frozen for over a year.

On the day January 15th, 2016 just after one year of being captured, began a new audience now with Judge Miguel Galvez, when he fulfilled the requests from INACIF and gave alternative measure to Anastacia and Irina, despite the protests MP Y CICIG. However we still did not have any more audiences. I was in jail, where I remain to this day. For all the time we formally accused

It has been 15 months.

JUSTICE froze!

But hope did not die …

How much money MP spent guarding Irina and Anastasia in the hospital with several pólice officers 24 hours for a year? They might have spend much more if it was not for the effort of Miguel Galvez.

MP and CICIG use a simple and brutal strategy, put us in jail and suspend the process for an unlimited period.

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