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Breaking the silence of the innocents.

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Written by: 
Igor Bitkov and Irina Bitkova

Following the topic of the criminal structure of traffickers of people who are investigating for more than 4 years we have new data to share in this article.

Our last articles dedicated to this topic were:

In this article we explain and demonstrate the existence of the powerful criminal structure of the traffickers of people who for many years are operating in Guatemala and include high-ranking officials, such as Mayra Veliz and Raul Morales, who direct and issue the documents for the foreigners in an anomalous way. The structure was protected by Ivan Velasquez , Thelma Aldana and several judges.

I have also published the article about how they sacrificed a young Christian Chacón who worked at RENAP. Without any proof they made him responsible for all the fraudulent procedures of the IPR where many officials participated to cover the real members of the criminal structure .

Today we know that the tragedy of this young man has wronged. The highest risk court chaired by Judge Pablo Xitumul de Paz sentenced Christian Chacón to 8 years in prison for allegedly issuing IPR to the 5 members of the Mara Salvatrucha under other names.

The court chaired by Pablo Xitumul

The court chaired by Pablo Xitumul

We are witnesses of how this young man was harmed in our process, when the other Court of Greater Risk with President Yasmin Barrios – the previous companion of Pablo Xitumul in another court, has also sentenced Christian to 8 years without any evidence against him. but with many proofs of his innocence.

Left: Cristian Mauricio Chacon Aguirre was illegally sentenced to high prison terms as alleged responsible for issuing identity documents in RENAP. The brutal condemnations were given by judges Yassmin Barrios Aguilar and Pablo Xitumul , who did not accept any evidence against the Structure CUTINO / Mayra Veliz

We have also seen the way in which accusers and judges have manipulated the process to divert justice and hide the truth. Now we want to conclude what we have experienced and define that everything that has happened in these two processes are part of a double purpose conspiracy: to make our family suffer and to grant impunity to the entire criminal structure of human traffickers.

Let’s analyze what happened in the process against   Christian Mauricio Chacón Aguirre with the judge’s court Xitumul .

The evidence used by Judge Pablo Xitumul to issue a brutal sentence against the young Christian Mauricio Chacón was the same that FECI and CICIG used to condemn Cristian in our case. Let’s look at the tests:

The labor contract with RENAP where it is stated that Christian did not have any trade to enter the data in the RENAP systems, neither had a computer assigned nor a user and it was the worker of the warehouse that loaded the pages from one table to another. But there was a user – CCHACON supposedly issued to Christian from which some data was entered into the RENAP system to issue the IPRs with false names for the gang members. Even though this user was never delivered to Christian and there is no document signed by him, he has received this user or some computer equipment.

The report signed by Jorge Rafael Valert Gamboa

The report signed by Jorge Rafael Valvert Gamboa

Prosecutors presented RENAP’s report signed by Jorge Rafael Valvert Gamboa – the head of information security, it is striking that this test was issued 2 years after Christian stopped working at RENAP and confirms that someone named as FO-DI-02 . According to the accusers, this magical number corresponds to Christian. There should be a large number of signed documents per user to confirm that he has some responsibility for this office, according to the RENAP regulations. But, as there is nothing, the MP presented only this piece of paper signed by Jorge Valvert who is the same official who would have to answer the basic question: Why in RENAP were users created in this altered way without complying with the rules?  But, for some reason, neither prosecutors nor court did not want to find out the truth and they have not even allowed the lawyers to ask questions for this official.

According to public information, Jorge Valvert Gamboa is the son of Judge Rubi Lucrecia Gamboa Barrera , a judge who granted illegal protection to give impunity to Thelma Aldana and who is a close friend of Thelma Aldana for many years. Taking into account that her other friend Mayra Veliz directly participated in the criminal structure of document processors we can assume that everything is not coincidental.

It is evident that there are no original documents signed by Christian Mauricio Chacón and there is no proof that he has entered false data into RENAP’s computer systems.

On the contrary, in the same brutal sentence issued by Xitumul, there are testimonies from RENAP officials that explain that no single person, even if they had access to the RENAP system, can not be either human or materially possible to enter all the necessary data for an IPR, let alone issue this IPR, since many high-level officials from different departments must participate.

The Municipal Civil Registry as a witness of RENAP, has declared that Christian was neither operator, nor registrar, nor digitizer, nor roller and could not even participate in the fact of entering the data. There are other strong evidence that Christian Mauricio Chacón has not participated or could not participate in the altered procedures, but despite these strong evidence Xitumul did not want to assess, or see, because it is clear that like Yassmin Barrios have to condemn the scapegoat of all cases of false documents and that goat is Cristian Mauricio Chacón’s patojo because of his short age and inexperience is perfect prey to put in statistics of brutal convictions by the judges FECI and CICIG operators

The court of Pablo Xitumul

The court of Pablo Xitumul

Unfortunately for the Xitumul court he did not care about these or other proofs of Christian’s innocence. They preferred not to give them the probative value. In their resolution referred to the testimony of the RENAP Civil Registrar Roxana Sosa they say literally:

” His statement is NOT GIVEN PROBATION VALUE, because it was evident to the judges that I always try to exculpate one of the defendants (refers to Christian) . 

In this sentence the whole farce of the Xitumul trial that most resembles lynching is concluded. Neither did they care about the testimonies of the effective collaborators who pointed out a RENAP official Brenda Chávez who worked at the headquarters or was a close relative of one of the gang members and according to these testimonies she was the one who coordinates the issuance of the IPRs for the gang members .

They did not even include her in the process and rejected the evidence of her participation with the silly argument that she is not part of the process. But the most absurd thing is that the document that does not even mention the name of Christian signed by Jorge Valvert Gamboa   , who did not even work at the time when the event occurred, gives it probative value.

Without any logic, the Xitumul court sentenced Christian to 8 years in prison without proving his participation to the minimum.

Just as in our process they left all the mayors, lawyers and RENAP officials who have really participated in the process stamping and signing the documents with impunity. The criminal structure remains in impunity once again, thanks to Judge Xitumul and his court with other judges Elvis David Hernandez Dominguez and Eva Marina Recinos Vasquez.

Here we have an exact similarity of what the court of Yasmin Barrios has done in our process. Without any evidence they condemned our family and several RENAP people who, like Christian, were harmed and accused with false indexes, leaving in absolute impunity all the members of the criminal structure that have directly participated in our process: mayors, municipal secretaries, deputy directors of Migration, including Mayra Veliz herself , Vice Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the members of Cutino International. They hid the evidence with the authentic signatures and seals of these officials.

The conduct of court president Yasmin Barrios was a chain of abuse and violations of due process. She forbade Igor Bitkov to declare about political persecution and about the criminal structure by interrupting his statement in a violent manner. Finally he suspended his statement at the exact moment when Igor started talking about the criminal structure.

But worse what he did is what concealed the members of the criminal structure of human traffickers.

The court never ordered any of the officials named in the process to be investigated by the same low-level RENAP workers. I will give some examples.

The processor Julio Donis Solaris RENAP registrar has submitted a report to his direct boss that his user was used by the strangers to enter false data but this was never investigated, the data never deleted and the FECI falsely accused Julio, hiding his report.

Prosecutor Boris Cabrera , indicated to the two RENAP officials that they entered false data into the system and to two lawyers who have carried out the procedure in the altered form of a foreigner. None of them were never investigated.

The defendant Sara Luz Borja Vázquez who was the civil registrar of RENAP and another his colleague as witness, have indicated that his immediate boss was the one who has entered the false data in the system through his user and the computer in the time of his absence , but despite presenting the solid evidence, I never managed to find out that her boss was investigated and Sara was sentenced to 19 years in prison, applying the maximum penalties increased to one third.

The defendant Jorge Rodas Sargeto declared that the anomalous data were entered into the system through a second user that was created in his name without his authorization and illegally. They have not investigated this, nor did they take it into account, but Jorge was sentenced to 27 years in prison – more than for the murder!

These are few examples of the numerous and serious violations committed by Yasmin Barrios and Xitumul courts, Judge Aifan, the FECI and CICIG prosecutors with the same purpose – to cover the true criminal structure of traffickers of people who work in Guatemal until the day today and has made thousands of illegal documents.

And here I want to remember that the Director General of RENAP – Rudy Gallardo on January 20, 2015, has filed a complaint against several members of the criminal structure that carried out anomalous procedures that included Mayra Veliz and others. The evidence was abundant and forceful and the prosecutor Heidy Tamara de León , who was in charge of this investigation, informed Thelma Aldana several times about the criminal acts of Mayra Veliz and other high officials who participated in the criminal structure. However, the investigation was hampered and restrained by the same Mayra Veliz and Thelma Aldana. Rudy was put in preventive detention where he is unjustly until today. So we can see once again how they silenced those who have denounced the crimes.

Our family has suffered a lot because of the illegal persecution they have carried out against us – the Russian criminal state, FECI, CICIG, the co-opted High Risk judges tied with the same corruption. We probably would never have saved our lives had it not involved the Helsinki Commission of the US Senate. in our case .

In spite of everything, until today we are not able to achieve justice. Corrupt prosecutors, linked to Thelma Aldana and Mayra Veliz continue to give impunity to the criminal structure of human traffickers . The innocent young people of RENAP, sacrificed to cover the criminal structure, continue to suffer in prisons as well as their young children and their families.

Our family as a victim of the criminal structure of human traffickers has filed several complaints against this structure but until today corrupt judges and prosecutors, collaborators of Mayra Veliz, are hampering justice and blocking investigations. We are witnesses of the crimes committed by the judges and prosecutors involved in this impunity.

Therefore, we decided to file a criminal complaint against the judges of the courts of Yasmin Barrios and Pablo Xitumul as well as against Judge Erica Aifan who committed unlawful acts with the purpose of giving impunity to the criminal structure of the traffickers of persons that includes to high-level state officials. We can with all responsibility consider that these judges and prosecutors seriously violated human rights, are forming an illicit association to lend impunity to criminal structures and execute all those who point them out and denounce them.

Finishing I want to say what I think. Corruption is an evil, the cruelty and injustice of the judges is another evil. But when corruption, cruelty and injustice of judges like Barrios, Xitumul or Aifan come together, it is the worst of all – it is called judicial terrorism.

They applied sentences of up to 28 years in prison for people deceived, harmed and used. It does not matter for what purpose they do it – save their communist comrades or punish a family persecuted politically by the Putin dictatorship. In the end innocent people suffer, Human Rights are crushed, and criminals avoid any responsibility.

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