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RUBIO, SMITH, SALAZAR RAISE CONCERNS WITH PERSECUTION OF BITKOV FAMILY Los jueces de la mafia MADURO OLD ALLIES – THELMA ALDANA, IVAN VELASQUEZ AND JUAN FRANCISCO SANDOVAL CICIG, THELMA ALDANA Y LA DICTADURA DE MADURO – VÍNCULO CRIMINAL Russian authorities are connected to Guatemalan mafia through Lapin – Levine Randy Craig quien declararía contra Mayra Veliz se fugó ¿Coincidencia? ¿QUIÉN ENCUBRIÓ LA ESTAFA DE ODEBRECHT – SIGMA EN GUATEMALA? Erika Aifan – Judge blind to Justice CICIG´s auto-destruction in Bitkov´s trial ERIKA AIFAN, SINÓNIMO DE CORRUPCIÓN, IMPUNIDAD E INJUSTICIA YASSMIN BARRIOS ACCOMPLICE OF KREMLIN YASSMIN BARRIOS: CRÓNICA DEL LINCHAMIENTO JUDICIAL DE LA FAMILIA BITKOV LA CONDENA QUE DESTRUYÓ A LA CICIG (Español) ¿Por qué nació el Hashtag #IgorBitkovNonGrato? 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Jail For The Whole Family PROLOGUE THELMA ALDANA DIRECTLY PARTICIPATED IN ODEBRECHT-SIGMA FRAUD Our Fight for Freedom (Español) CICIG fue solicitada por MOSCÚ para apresar a los Bitkov The Dark Powers
[warning] CLARIFICATION: The next analytical article is based on publications from journalists, well known facts or from public knowledge and I quote all of the sources at the end.[/warning]

Dear Friends:

Each time, I write about the injustices that happen with us, I feel that somebody, who is managing all of this situation, is making fun of all the Guatemalan justice… In the case of our family (#MigrationCase) there have been many irregularities which have been challenged by our lawyers without giving the results that justice establishes.

Resultado de imagen para erika aifan

Let’s put our attention in what should be, but unfortunately it isn’t.

WHAT IT SHOULD BE ACCORDING TO THE LAW: The law is very clear defining what and who can figure as complementary plaintiffs, as well as the legitimate interests that they need to prove THEREFORE the Russian bank VTB according to the law shouldn’t be admitted as complementary plaintiff, situation in which several lawyers coincide.

WHAT REALLY OCCURS IN COURT: The Russian bank VTB is inside the case of migration as complementary plaintiff with the lie of an alleged fraud, which have never existed and the supposed evidence that the judge Erika Aifan valued as legitimate interest were “just illegible photocopies”.

I wanted to understand what motivated the representatives of the Russian bank VTB in Guatemala to carry their arguments full of lies towards our case, so since the beginning I started to ask who the lawyer was, or law firm that represented the Russian bank in Guatemala in order to face and sue them for telling all these lies about us and eventually the information, which everybody knows, came… the lawyers that represent the Russian bank in Guatemala (VTB) belongs to a law firm known as “Comte & Font – Legalsa

And who hired “Comte & Font – Legalsa” for our case? I wondered; but what I discovered at the bottom was overwhelming and the worst thing is that it happens in Guatemala. 

It came to me information saying the people, that hired them and paid the owners of the law firm, was from the Russian embassy… This came from a person very close to this law firm. Incredible but is true! According to what is known all over the world, the majority of the staff from the embassy are officials of the FSB.

Because of my education and culture I can say that I know a little bit the methods used by the Federal Security Service (FSB) previously KGB, and indeed this is the method – to use business entities as camouflage of their operations. It turned out that the information came and I came to know that, regardless is been told that there are several “members” in that law firm, the owners are two persons: Henry Philip Comte Velazquez and David Font Verdugo and I verified it with a printing of their website that was sent to my cell, which I share hereunder:

comte & Font

There are other members of this law firm but just the name of these two persons are in the title of the law firm and inside the jail there are some fellows that knows very well this law firm “Comte & Font – Legalsa”, so I asked about it, everybody told me:

“Igor… these people, do anything for money. They work just for money and they don’t care about nothing”.

 What they told me is very true

” They are lawyers and they know very well that the accusation is false, but it was prepared by themselves and they promote it in the judicial body. Everything for money!”

It turned out that there are no coincidences in this life, for some reason I received this delicate information about this characters…

Analysing everything, I understood the kind of people that the Russian intelligence services are hiring.

I came to the conclusion, with the documents, articles, journalistic notes, testimonies and comments, that behind the law firm “Comte & Font – Legalsa” it could be hiding a powerful structure of parallel power through a center of dark power.

Resultado de imagen para corrupcion imagen

I have to confirm that the FSB found a structured and influential law firm in many areas inside the State of Guatemala and specially in the judicial body.

How I got to that conclusion?

According to the information handled it turns out weird that “Comte & Font-Legalsa” is linked with RENAP. It is said that “Comte & Font – Legalsa” has a close relation with “Easy Marketing”, this company was born in the period of Alvaro Colom, and a few months later won the contest to produce DPI for RENAP.

Easy Markenting

I understand this: the law firm “Comte & Font – Legalsa”, is hired by Russians to damage us and coincidentally that law firm also has a relation with RENAP and both of them are complementary plaintiffs, so I conclude that both are being assisted by the same law firm (in theory or maybe in practice)

According with what is been managed in the media: 

The idea was that as RENAP didn’t have experience in the production of DPI so they wanted to find a company that already had experience and lines of production. The idea was good, but in reality the contest was won by the entity Easy Marketing, newly born, without experience, with no lines of production but with some powerful shareholders as: Alejandro Sinibaldi, Gregorio Valdez and Chelis Font – David Font’s brother. All the business was notarized by David Font, member of the mentioned and powerful law firm, receiving money from the State (the contacts were for over a billion quetzals), they shared a big part of the money with all the players and also shared the equipment to produce DPI through the company “Sagem Morpho”, that is linked with Uri Roitman, who is the creator of the “Magical formula” of the Amatitlan lake’s fraud.

Resultado de imagen para easy market guatemala renap

There is also said that: 

“Comte & Font – Legalsa” was related with Uri Roitman, because David Font, regularly visited the office of Uri Roitman and later visited Uri in Mariscal Zavala prison, before he got his freedom mysteriously.

Resultado de imagen para Uri Roitman

The contract with Easy Marketing was so altered, that the members were obliged to paid a lot of bribes and the profitability of the project was worse than they expected. They tried to low all costs, worsening the quality of the documents and in some moment for this reason, the conflict with a member of the board of directors of RENAP arose – Julio Alvarado who wanted to defend the interests of the State and refused to participate in acts of corruption. As punishment, was presented against Julio a lawsuit at the civil court.

And, who presented the lawsuit against Julio Alvarado?

The lawsuit was presented by “Comte & Font – Legalsa.” For the punishment to be more painful, “Comte & Font – Legalsa” managed to seized the bank accounts of Julio Alvarado and more…

It seems that from the adventure of Easy Marketing were beneficiated the most powerful people at that time such as Alvaro Colom, Sandra Torres, etc., but the ones who executed this project also prospered with the new government to the point that it is said that Alejrandro Sinibaldi for example, bought more than 30 properties in 3 years of his duty as Minister of Communications, with a value of over 100 million quetzals.

Who is the lawyer and notary of Alejandro Sinibaldi?

David Fernando Font Verdugo is the lawyer and notary of Sinibaldi and did all the public deeds of his numerous properties in Guatemala.

Font is an old classmate of Sinibaldi from “Liceo Javier”, and without a doubt is his trusted lawyer.

David Fernando Font Verdugo was the notary, that legalized the modification of the contract 085-2013 between the company Odebrecht and the Ministry of Communications of Guatemala that Sinibaldi led.

Odebrecht, what was missing…

The contract was gravely altered. The state of Guatemala paid more than 275 million dollars to Odebrecht to build 140 km of road, which was never done and most of the money was stolen. Within the acceptance of guilt in U.S.A., the Odebrecht company testified, that they paid $80 million of dollars of bribes to Guatemalan officials… which would be the contract that David Font legalized. Easy Marketing and the Odebrecht scam – are just two of many other businesses where other members of this interesting law firm participated.

Un correo enviado por Odebrecht a sus subalternos hablaba del interés de la empresa por hacer negocios en Guatemala.

Also Blue Oil? 

Henry Comte is the executive director and legal representative of the oil company Blue Oil and it is said that this company participated in the illicit funding of “Partido Patriota” donating to the ghost firms – millions in exchange of political favors.

Resultado de imagen para blue oil henry comte

Till today, Henry Comte avoid the criminal liability for this offense, although the general director of that entity, Ana Lopez, was captured.

It has to be mentioned, that she started working in Blue Oil in 2011, she was in charge of public relations and later was appointed as general manager. In 2013 she stopped working in this company. It seems to me that they used her as a “scapegoat”, to save the true leaders, who managed relations with the presidential binomial.

Henry Comte / Alternate Magistrate of the Constitutional Court

Henry Comte is a steady leader in Blue Oil since its establishment in Guatemala, and is much more involved in this business than Ana Lopez. He is also general manager of the corporation “Arcenillas S.A., which is a subsidiary of “Blue Oil” and managed the fuel tanks in “Quetzal” port. And it is said that these tanks were related with a conflict with the company Carcasa.

Resultado de imagen para blue oil henry comte

In jail it is rumored that the tanks were initially rented by Arcenillas from Carcasa, but later the documents were falsified for Arcenillas to seize the tanks. The conflict lasts until this day.

I noticed that coincidentally the businesses, where the members of “Comte & Font – Legalsa” are involved, are linked to the State of Guatemala. It seems that having contracts with the state is a specialty of the members of “Comte & Font – Legalsa.”

The company Intertechne Consultores had a large contract with the State to run the Xalalá hydroelectric project in the departments of Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Quiché. This contract was canceled by the General Comptroller’s Office due to serious alterations. The State contract was signed 60 days before the company was registered in Guatemala. The prepayment was 20% more than what was authorized. There were also many protests from indigenous society living in this region.

Resultado de imagen para hidroeléctrico Xalalá

Resultado de imagen para hidroeléctrico Xalalá

What is the relationship between the contract for the Xalalá hydroelectric project and the law firm “Comte & Font – Legalsa”?

The company Intertechne Consultores is registered directly in the office of “Comte & Font – Legalsa” and the legal representative of Intertechne Consultores is Andrea Alicia Contreras Vidaure.

Because of all the alterations of the contract with the State, there is a complaint in the Constitutional Court, which resolution has been pending for several years.  And it turns out that a year ago Henry Comte managed to enter this court as an alternate magistrate.

How will this complaint be resolved? Meanwhile, the State paid 1.4 million dollars to Intertechne Consultores and this money was never returned.

President Pérez Molina and the Minister of Energy and Mines Erich Archila were related with this project. Archila, for this scandal, resigned from the Ministry in May of 2015, and was later denounced for several crimes in the case “Cooptación del Estado“.

In the Constitutional Court, Henry Comte was appointed as an alternate magistrate.

The two of them are linked to the Bancafe case. Henry Comte was the lawyer for Francis Fisher, who was the director of Bancafe

Somehow, he got an alternative measure. In April of 2015, one of the three judges, who denied to the Public Prosecutor’s office, the request that the ex-bankers returned to the jail. Attorney General Thelma Aldana said that this decision represents a hard blow to the Public Prosecutor’s office.

For these links, the unit against bank robbery of the Public Prosecutor’s office, filed a petition before the Constitutional Court. They requested that the Magistrates Comte and Ochoa stay away from the case.

In our case,  the Constitutional Court, that voted against the amparo, that was granted to my wife Irina from all magistrates of the Constitutional Court.

It was probably because, in this case, Henry Comte, is hired by the Russian government to act against our family.

In case this was not enough… 

It is said that another business or client of the mentioned law firm is linked with Nicolas Maduro, who is dictator of Venezuela and great friend of Vladimir Putin. Everything indicates that the law firm has been chosen by a Venezuelan group whose investment in a Guatemalan bank is under investigation. This group is linked to Nicolás Maduro, through its financial operator Oswaldo Jugo and former PDSVA treasurer Carlos Erich Malpica Flores and “supposedly” this group launder money from the Venezuelan dictator.

There is more… 

The information in the media indicates that one of the companies or clients that also has the mentioned law firm and where Henry Comte is involved, is the company “Agroindustrial Santa Ana” – one of the main sugar mills in Guatemala, where he is a member of the board of directors. This mill, like many other Guatemalan companies, belongs to one of the most powerful families in Guatemala – the Botran.

As we can already see, the portfolio of clients of this law firm, is always related to officials, the highest of the State, in all the presidential periods of Alvaro Colom, Pérez Molina and Jimmy Morales. 

In this moment they are at the top of the power with the appointment of Henry Comte like alternate magistrate of the Constitutional Court. His candidacy was presented by President Jimmy Morales.

What does the new president have with Henry Comte? 

Henry Comte’s appointment seems strange. He never worked in the judicial body, but is involved in various legal conflicts as a subject of mercantile entities and certainly has his own interests, very separate from justice. They say, that this appointment was made by a great friend of Comte, ex- secretary of the president.

The analysis of the law firm “Comte & Font” allows me to conclude that this entity was chosen by the Russian intelligence not by chance… They found a true structure of dark power.

Before, KGB used ideology as universal weapon to achieve its goals, today FSB uses money, which is also an effective weapon.

Now I understand why they managed to commit so many illegalities in our process, manipulating Guatemala’s legal system. I have certain information that each 15 days the representatives of Comte & Font visited the controlling judge Erika Aifan, who committed numerous illegalities in our process in favor of Comte & Font.

But, I have to emphasize one thing – they are not only a threat to my family, more than anything, they are a threat to the country – Guatemala – where they are doing their business in that way.

I thank the people who in one way or another printed and sent to my cell the following articles, from which I obtained the information for the realization of the previous analysis. 

[i] https://cmiguate.org/el-partido-patriota-es-una-macroestructura-criminal/










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